Diy n95 mask

Let me start by saying, I am not a doctor or a scientist and that I do not make any claims of the sort about this mask or your health. Please follow all federal state and local health guidelines above all else. Do not take unnecessary risks because you think this mask gives you the ability to do so, it doesn’t.

Now that that’s out of the way. If you would feel more comfortable having something rather than nothing when it comes to personal protective equipment then this may be the thing for you. A DIY n95 mask.

Here’s the secret … Wait for it…. Vacuum cleaner bags and/or filters. (Not the paper ones… The white filter ones) it’s basically the same material as an N95 mask. So my solution is to make a washable fabric mask with an inner pocket for a filter material, which is cut from vacuum cleaner bags or filters.

It is not perfect. And please make sure you can actually still breathe through the material and the filter before strapping it to your face, my bags are really really thick so it’s a work in progress. In some cases if the fabric or filter is too thick you may have to consider putting some holes in either to still allow for adequate breathing. But some coverage is better than none.

I’ll update with a pic of my mask when I get a chance.  For now here’s the quick pattern:. Cut a 15in by 7in piece a fabric.  Fold in half and hem all around.  Find the top center and put in a dart on either side of the nose area.  Sew ribbons or elastics to the sides so you can put it on.  Also, take a separate piece of fabric and sew on the inside of it on 3sides (bottom and ea. Side) to create a pocket for the filter.  These are the bags/ filters I used. …. what have you tried, anyone have any other ideas that their using right now?

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