So what’s in my ‘wheelhouse’ for surviving this Pandemic thing

I have put this list together using online retailers mostly and with the idea that I am not going out anywhere unless absolutely necessary.

1. Amazon doesnt deliver groceries out here yet. Honestly I’ve been doing grocery pickup through Walmart for over a year now and I am convinced it’s the best way to shop. ( Hhhmmmmm… I should prolly write another post on this). But for now please visit bubblebathselfempowerment (s) blog post on her experience. Walmart pickup will be my ‘go to’ way of getting groceries during this time.

2. Please dont overby medical supplies the average person wont need them and hospitals do. I keep masks on hand anyway. You never know when you’ll need them on the farm. I use them when I’m sanding and repainting items, or cleaning out the chicken house. Also, we already keep rubber gloves on hand -again dirty jobs require them. ( Please notice I did not link to any on amazon… I just cant see taking a profit from that sale right now. ) Just whenever the supply returns buy a small bit and keep them on hand.

3. Cleaning supplies. I keep bleach on hand. Because, why not. Also, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you have handwashing soap too. Oh and you’ll need laundry detergent, dish soap, and paper towels- please dont overby paper towels, you need enough for a few weeks plus a little extra cause you’re washing your hands a lot, that’s it.

4. Cold/flu supplies. Again you should already have this. Think about it, many people that get the virus but only have mild symptoms will be told to stay home until its run its course. That means your going to feel very sick but be treating the symptoms with over the counter cold remedies. For me this means: Nyquil, tissues, cough drops, theraflu, herbal teas, chicken noodle soup, gingerale, tylenol…

5. Dont forget about your furry friends. I bought extra of their dry cat food we use and extra litter.

6. Entertainment and fun. You’ll want some Netflix or Amazon Prime to pass the time. If dont you subscribe consider doing so at least right now. Amazon prime will ship most anything you want to your home in 2 days and you have a huge variety of things to watch online for less than $13/mo. Also, dont forget to buy some snack food. Maybe try a deck of cards, puzzle, or board game.

7. And for us, baby supplies. Think a months worth of diapers, wipes, creams, baby soap & lotion. Also, baby snacks!

I feel lucky that my husband works from home and I am a fulltime mom. So no worries for now about finances. But there are so many that my heart goes out to who cannot work, whose business is closed…. I feel that we all need to have compassion and understanding during this time. If you have more than your neighbor does please find safe ways of spreading the love and taking care of one another. Its during tough times like these that we see ones true character.

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links/marketing. The overall focus of my blog will always be content.

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